Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My excuse

I think so often about this blog, and sometimes, even about things I would love to post about. But, it is the same way with friends I haven't talked to in months: I think about them and want to call, but in that moment, I'm not free to gab away on the phone, so I put off calling until later, and then forget. So it is here with my blog.

I really do see a time when I will be able to be more devoted to keeping up with things here. I'm not sure when that will be, but definitely not for a few more weeks.

And, here is my big news that prompted me to come and post today.....

I finished my NARM PEP application tonight!!! Whew! All I have to do is get to the notary in the next day or two, and go get a passport photo of myself to send in along with it.

The sense of relief is enormous! Though, I know the next thing I will be worrying about once I get confirmation from NARM that my application was accepted will be the skills and written exams. But, for today, this week...all is well. :)

I'll be taking my exam August 20. It seems like eons away right now, but I know that it will be here in no time at all. I mean, we are just days away from March! That's shocking enough to me.

In the world of birth, we have been busy with prenatals, but our last birth was in early January. We have 6 mamas who could have their babies anytime now, though 5 of them could wait a few more weeks. From this point on through the summer, we have plenty of births to keep very busy.

I leave next week to The Trust Birth Conference. I can't really even say what I am most excited about. I sort of feel like even if all of the sessions were cancelled, it would still be wonderful: just getting to hang around with everyone attending and spend hours and hours chatting away about pregnancy and birth. But, the sessions are going to be pretty awesome, too, of course. I still feel giddy about it all.