Sunday, December 31, 2006

new year

2006 was a big year in my life.

We moved (again), my son is not a baby anymore (almost 3) and talks a mile a minute, my dss is now an unschooling teenager, and my dh (essentially) works from home now.

And, I got an apprenticeship.

It felt like I had been waiting for this my whole like...even though I didn't even know midwives existed outside of history books until I was 19. I have been apprenticing now 9 months. Some times I have to focus really hard on my daily tasks at hand because my head is constantly spinning with all of the things that I am learning and pondering all of the time.

I have had the honor at assisting at 16 births as an apprentice. Until I began this journey 9 months ago, I had only been present at 4 births (2 homebirths, one of which was a UC, and 2 hospital births)...and then of course my own son's birth at home nearly 3 years ago.

Today my preceptor talked to me about my acting as primary midwife soon. We have many, many births coming up this winter, spring and summer. This is just such an exciting time in my life.

(Am I selfish to hope that one of our upcoming clients has a breech baby and sticks with her choice to homebirth??? LOL!)


My big news for 2007 is that I am getting serious about graduating from my school. I am likening it to me being in grad school full time. I am going to be BUSY...but by choice! All of the work that I have left to do just feels like it would be SO relevant to what I am doing now, so I want to get on it. I don't think that I will feel *ready* to be a midwife on my own until I am graduated or very near graduating, simply because I know what I have left to learn is vital to my practice as a midwife.

So, even though I just began blogging again, I don't think I will be posting often. Of course, when we have a birth, I will do my best to come and post and write my thoughts about it. Or, whenever any other issue that I feel needs to be talked about comes up. But, for the most part, I will be hitting the books. ;)

There have been no births for almost a month, and no clients due until the beginning of February. I am really excited for all of our clients who are coming upon their 'due' date. Birth is just so awesome!!

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