Sunday, March 16, 2008

baby girl

Yesterday I was awoken at 7am with a call that a 3rd time mom was in early labor. We were there by 8:30. It was a sweet birth, the couple really spent lots of loving time together while the rest of the family was in another part of the house (including us). She labored absolutly silent, and when we suddenly heard her low moaning with pushing, we knew it was almost baby time! Her baby was born while in a supported squat with her husband beind her and her 2 daughters (2 and 6) looking on. Sweet and healthy baby! We finished the day off with 2 postpartum visits for clients who have 2 week old babies. All was well. After a 12 hour day, R was sure glad to see me, but had a fun day with his dad and brother.

I need to make some time in the next few days for studying. I have all of these thoughts and ideas swimming around in my head that I want to research more. It is so great to finally be having real hands-on training. I realize now how much of a hands-on learner I am. Everything is visual for me. To hear something, it just goes in one ear and out the other. But, to see it done (or better yet, to do it myself) is so much better!! I am excited that my preceptor really just throws me into things and has me do things I have never done (like listening to fetal heart tones during labor). That is the best way for me to learn, I think.

(Originally posted April, 2006)

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angie said...

i just wanted to say hi! i found your blog through another midwife's blog actually! i love your blog!

i suppose i will be seeing you on saturday!