Saturday, March 15, 2008

one more time

The Trust Birth was incredible! The entire event was like a dream for me!

The highlights for me:
  • The awards dinner was so great. I especially loved Dr. Odent's presentation on breaking the dis-empowering vocabulary of birth. I strained my ears the best I could to catch every precious word he said.
  • Meeting so many wonderful people, especially those I have "known" online for many years.
  • Meeting the wonderful Gloria Lemay. In more ways than I can count, she is my hero and role model!
  • Meeting and speaking with so many other amazing speakers: Jody McLaughlin of Compleat Mother magazine, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Laura Shanley, Karen Strange, Rixa Freeze, Gail Hart, and many others too numerous to mention.
  • Rachel Correa's beautiful presentation about her first born daughter during the opening session.
and honestly, that list is a very abbreviated about a seriously life-changing trip!

The conference has inspired me to keep this blog going. I know I haven't been consistently writing. But, I plan on changing that. You will have to bear with me, as eloquent prose isn't my strong point. But, I will do my best to breath new life into this here blog.

Starting today.

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BirthRight Midwife (in training) said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I read your blog and am glad you are posting again. I go through spurts with my birth blog, I think it is the nature of our work.
I am an AAMI student also and apprentice.