Thursday, September 06, 2007

Birth Philosophy

I have been spending lots of free time looking at all different midwives' websites while preparing to start creating my own website. What has struck me more than anything is the similarity of all of the 'philosophies'. I know from experience that many (most?) people assume that a midwife is a midwife is a midwife. Of course, that is not the case at all. But, when you ask midwives about their birth philosophies, they almost all include some talk about birth being natural, birth working best left alone, their role is to support the woman/family, about promoting calm/gentle birth, etc.

You will never see a midwife say that she believes birth works, but only if she does "X" (perineal support/massage, vaginal exams, hat on baby right after birth, test your glucose levels prenatally, and so on).

So, when pondering about how I can word my own philosophy on birth, I am struck with the fact that I am just restating the same old lines. However, the more that I read/hear/talk with other midwives, the more I feel very much like the odd ball. How can there be this disconnect?


Lizz said...

Because midwifery needs a revolution (much like other places right now)! And you are one of the people to make that happen. We need to stop being compliant (whatever that means!) and start making a stand! Proposing what being "with women" REALLY is about. Good work! Bless.

labortrials said...

I think your post is a great starting point for a personal statement of birth philosophy. This shows how you *are* different - that you're willing to look this issue in the face and call it out!