Sunday, March 16, 2008

Limbic imprinting

I saw a new birth video last night called Birth As We Know It. It is similar to the Birth Into Being Russian waterbirth video in that they showed some similar footage of babies being born in the water and in the Black Sea. But, this movie goes much more into depth on the social implications for birthing consciously. They talk a lot about limbic imprinting and healing our own birth trauma.

It really shook me up. I was born via forceps (that left a mark at birth) and then separated from my mother for 4 hours. I was born in Louisiana, and at the time at that hospital, it was still standard procedure to take the baby to the nursery for 24 hours (the nurses at the hospital were trying to talk my mom out of nursing me!!!). Well, the reason I was separated for only 4 hours was because that was how long it took for my mom to get ahold of someone who would be willing to override the hospital rules and allow me back with my mother. I was born in a smaller town, and my dad ran the local newspaper, so he knew "people". My mom finally got the mayor on the phone and demanded that her daughter be given back to her. She then proceeded to check us out "against medical advice". And, she breastfeed me for just over 2 years!

But, this movie made some connections for me. I realized plain and simple WHY my family has always called me "cold", "distant", "hard-hearted", and very selective of who I let get close to me. My most basic trust in life was betrayed. It makes me so sad inside to even think about it. :(

The good thing is that I don't think that there is any hurt that is permanent...we CAN heal and grow. R's birth was a big part of this, as well as being able to give him what I wanted so badly (as in, not being separated from my mom). But, I still have a long road ahead of me to open up those wounds and let heal afresh.

It is so simple, really. Just give your babies what they want...what they NEED!!!! They need our arms, our voice, our breasts. They need to be born with respect, wherever their birth location is. They are whole and complete humans at birth (And before!) and they deserve to be treated as such.

Our planet's future just may depend on it, in my opinion...

(Originally posted April, 2006)


Anonymous said...
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Jaclyne said...

I agree, and just found the info on this video.
I Natural birth all 4 of my daughters, the first forceps also. And Home birthed, one DiY & one Water, the latter of the two. I would do the DIY over all of them again. And the Water birth second. Would never go back to a hospital if I decided to have another one.

I also allowed them to be raised in the country. so I know they all got a great start. And I promote Natural Birth to other women.
Keep the good work of spreading the word. We can make a difference on this planet.